When it comes to the safety of workers in hot climates, Aqua Safety Showers is at the forefront of the global safety shower industry. With its headquarters and manufacturing facility in the UK, the company has built up a healthy business model across the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Aqua Safety Showers have developed a comprehensive range of emergency safety showers and eye wash units specifically designed for hot climates.
Aqua Safety Showers have developed a comprehensive range of emergency safety showers and eye wash units for hot climates.

The company’s success stems from a clear vision and strong understanding of what the market requires when it comes to safety showers. With over 50 years’ experience supplying to oil, gas, chemical and utility sectors across the world, Aqua Safety Showers provide bespoke safety shower solutions to suit any site requirements. For countries and regions dealing with extreme heat, the company have developed a comprehensive range of showers and eye wash units designed to thrive in temperatures as high as 60°C (140°F).

Safety Showers for Hot Climates

Ideal for sites where a mains water supply is unavailable or for remote locations, this shower delivers over 15 minutes of tepid water (cooled to 20°C to prevent bacteria growth and scalding).

The 1500L GRP tank is mounted on a sturdy, stainless steel frame, making the unit corrosion resistant and durable. Aqua offer many optional extras, such as alarms, sirens and foot platform operation. Hazardous area options are also available.

Another popular solution in the Middle East and beyond, this stainless-steel emergency safety shower drains down after use, meaning water is not held in any of the pipework. This is essential in hot climates to minimise the risk of scalding.

To protect the pipework and make the shower even more robust, Aqua Safety Showers have developed a heavy-duty version of this unit, which is wrapped in a corrosion-resistant GRP jacket.

Aqua also offer several mobile solutions for temporary use or where manoeuvrability is required. These include:

These products meet and exceed ANSI Z358.1 – the internationally recognized safety standard for safety showers and eye washes. Further information of all these safety solutions can be found on the website or discussed with the Aqua Safety Showers Team at ADIPEC this year (Stand 8636 – Hall 8).

Keep your Health and Safety Officer smiling with an Aqua Safety Shower!

Manufacturing Excellence

Aqua Safety Showers’ products are designed and built in the company’s manufacturing facility in the UK. This allows for easy customisation of bespoke units on a project-by-project basis, as well as superior quality control measures.

Working with locally sourced, corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel and GRP, these life-saving pieces of equipment are built for durability and longevity. To demonstrate their commitment to manufacturing excellence, Aqua Safety Showers offer 2-year manufacturers guarantee on all their products!

Unbeatable Customer Service

Aqua Safety Showers commit to nothing short of outstanding customer service from start to finish. From answering enquiries to complete after-sale support, the friendly team are always happy to help. That is why the company received 100% positive feedback in their most recent customer satisfaction survey.

But don’t just take our word for it:

We are very happy with Aqua, from the friendly staff that handle enquiries and queries very quickly, to the quality of products supplied. Very happy, thanks!

Safety Storage Systems Ltd

We are glad to work with Aqua and all our clients are fully satisfied with the quality of equipment. Hope to increase the quantity of orders next year!”

TI Systems LLC

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Aqua Safety Showers are at the forefront of the global safety shower industry, with models available specifically for hot climates.

The safety of the workforce is paramount; there will always be a need for the provision of safety solutions in the Middle East.  The exciting thing for Aqua Safety Showers, who have recently received approval from ADNOC, is in what future format these solutions will need to take. The company is ideally placed to meet the changing face of most technical, commercial and environmental requirements demanded by the oil, gas, water and chemical industries.

Visit Aqua’s experts at ADIPEC in Hall 8 Stand 8636 who can advise on the best safety solution to meet your needs.