Service Your Safety Shower

Aqua offer regular service and maintenance contracts to UK-based customers. This keeps your site compliant with crucial safety standards, as well as providing peace of mind that your workers are protected at all times.

In addition, all units must be inspected and activated weekly. It is important to keep a full history of these checks to keep your warranty active.

Aqua offer regular service and maintenance visits to ensure your safety shower remains fit for purpose in case of an emergency.
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• All units must be serviced annually to assure conformance.

• Visually inspect and activate weekly to flush the line and verify proper operation.

ANSI Z358.1 (international standard for safety showers and eye wash stations)

For more information on the ANSI standard, check out our helpful guide.

Inspect Your Safety Shower Weekly

Keep your site compliant by inspecting and activating your safety shower and eye wash station on a weekly basis.

To make it easy, Aqua have compiled this handy checklist.

Safety Shower Maintenance Checklist

Surrounding area:

  • Is the area well-lit and free of obstructions?
  • Is the safety shower easily visible and well signed?

Visual check:

  • Are there any signs of rust, damage or leaks?
  • Is the shower clean and sterilised?
  • Is the shower protected from frost?

Activate the shower:

  • Does the unit operate with ease?
  • Does the water flow within 1 second of activation?
  • Is the water dirty or cloudy?
  • Does the shower deliver tepid water? (between 16-38°C / 60-100°F)

For self-contained / tank-fed showers, it is also important to monitor the status of the water in the tank. Aqua Tank Showers are fitted with a water level indicator and water temperature display to make this quick and simple!

Visual water level indicators and temperature stats are included as standard on Aqua Tank Showers.
Easily monitor the water level and temperature on an Aqua Tank Shower.

We hope this information has been useful to you. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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